PT 180 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

ArborWind is bringing to wind power what has been lacking—Proven, stable and economical power generation in a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine.

Power the world with clean, affordable energy.

Dilip Nigam, CEO and Founder, ArborWind

The ArborWind Mission

The ArborWind Mission — It’s a complex idea that boils down to a simple statement: Power the world with clean, economical energy. 

ArborWind Core Values

Safety – Safe for people and the environment
Clean – Sustainable technologies
Quality – Built to last
Value – Superlative value to our customers and investors

Safe for people.
Safe for the world.

Safety is not just a word to ArborWind. It is one of our Core Values. Why make a clean power generator if it is dangerous to endangered birds and bats? The Audubon Society agrees with us, and promotes safe clean energy alternatives, including ArborWind’s Vertical Axis Wind Turbine design. 

A Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
That Works Everywhere

Agriculture, Industrial and office parks, big box retailers, sports and recreational facilities, schools, urban and rural communities.

VAWT for resorts
VAWT for commercial facilities
VAWT in urban areas

ArborWind’s PT180 is designed for as broad an application spectrum as possible, from rural to urban setting. The PT180 is currently being installed in an extremely high-density urban setting. It was chosen for this site because of its small footprint, ease of maintenance and its high overall safety level.

Vertical Axis Wind as an Investment Opportunity

Game changing technology.
Built to last

“There should be no contradiction between environmental sustainability and economic viability. We have created a machine that is not only green but also more economically compelling than any other solution.”

Dilip Nigam, CEO, ArborWind

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