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The ArborWind mission is a complex idea that boils down to a simple statement: Power the world with clean, economical energy. Where other solutions have failed, the proven technology that is at the heart of the ArborWind vision succeeds.

ArborWind’s roots are in finding solutions to tough engineering problems. Founder Dilip Nigam brings years of design solution experience to bear on engineering issues that have (until now) held back Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs). With a sure knowledge that problems with reliability, maintenance and durability could be solved, the ArborWInd team spent years refining a design that answered all the lingering questions. The company went on to prove this game-changing design with eight years of operation.

Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan where it leverages Michigan- and U.S-based suppliers, the ArborWind team works with a single vision: Clean, safe and reliable wind power delivered with a durable, economical product.

World Changing Technology


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Proven Durability

This is the PT180 installation that operated outside Marshall, Michigan for eight years. This operational design platform allowed ArborWind to refine the proprietary technology that makes the PT180 the most durable Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in existence.

Its modern aesthetic, urban and off-grid applicability, long service life, safety, reliability, autonomous operation with internet remote control make the PT180 superior to traditional wind turbine designs.

Its simple mechanical design reduces manufacturing, shipping, installation, and maintenance costs. At 6¢ or less per kilowatt-hour with federal incentives, energy costs are less than large-utility and other alternative-electricity sources.

Meet the Team

Dilip Nigam, Founder, CEO, CTO

Dilip Nigam is a successful entrepreneur who has focused on innovation for over 35 years. In 1985, Dilip founded the computer-aided engineering consulting service company ADSC. The award-winning company provides consulting services to the automotive industry. Over the course of his career, Dilip has supervised over 600 engineering design/analysis projects and assisted in office-development in the United States and India. After founding ArborWind, Dilip and his team saw early success with a Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest award in 2010 and The IndUS Entrepreneurs (TiE) award in 2011. Dilip has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan and has been a registered Professional Engineer in Michigan since 1986.

James Vincke, CFO

Over the last 30 years, James Vincke has served as Chief Financial Officer for seven early-stage companies. He has extensive experience with early-stage capital fund-raising, and has successfully taken companies from start-up through an IPO. Jim was CFO at Mechanical Dynamics (MDI) where he developed and managed the software company’s accounting, budgeting, human resources, sales-administration, and financial-modeling functions. As CFO at Mobius, he helped raise seed money from angel and equity investors as well as Venture Capitalists. Jim holds BSME, MSME and MBA degrees from the University of Michigan.

Robert Herta, Communications and Media Relations

Robert Herta is an award-winning global marketing and communications professional who has developed world-class programs for Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profits. Prior to founding Herta Communications and Marketing in 2014, Robert was the director of corporate and digital communications and global brand management at a B2B Fortune 500 company. Most notably, Robert held a variety of global communications positions during a 15-year career at one of the largest automobile manufacturers. Robert has served as the president of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) on two occasions. He majored in Communications and holds an MBA from the University of Detroit Mercy.

Jayne Burch, VP Marketing

In 2006, Jayne Burch founded Marketing Monsoon, a growth agency helping traditional B2B businesses apply cutting-edge online strategies for lead-generation.  An expert in online marketing optimization, Jayne and her team have helped hundreds of businesses grow with innovative marketing and sales strategies. She has achieved results for companies in the energy, healthcare and technology industries. Jayne has a background in organization and leadership development.  She is a Graduate Master Business Coach with a BA in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island, and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

Richard Costello, VP Business Development

Rich Costello created an international credited certification program for the development of energy procurement professionals. He has taught over 2,500 professionals from all over the world since the program’s conception in 1997. Rich negotiated one of the first retail level electric procurement contracts in the US as Power Supply Engineer at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. He created an energy consulting division uniquely serving the Supermarket Industry and was elected President of the Association of Energy Engineers. Rich specialized in mechanical & thermal energy conservation measures as well as implementation of AI on building HVAC Control Systems. He has provided energy services to Commercial, Governmental, Retail, Institutional, and Industrial Customers, as well as ESCO’s and Utilities across the country. Rich obtained his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Western New England College, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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